Today a reader, tomorrow a leader – Margaret Fuller

Letters, words, sentences, phrases, biographies, story books, dramas, adventure books, books … I started my reader career with a historical book about one of my country’s leaders. I still remember that it was a thick book with over 600 pages, of which I did not even understand everything, because I was young and I did not know all the words in the book. But I was struggling to imagine scenes of struggle and all discussions that led to more or less advantageous treaties. This was my first step towards a life that the books did not miss for even a day.

I have not become a leader because I never wanted this, but I can say with certainty that every reading book helped me know better, know better the world I live in, and why not? imagine better worlds, in which poverty, wickedness, destruction does not exist. In the difficult moments of life, I could imagine a better life, and so I passed easily over what seemed to be impossible to overcome.

The thousands of books I have read have made me laugh, cry, look carefully around, love, accept certain things and rebel against others. I do not know who I was without books and I do not want to know. But I can tell you that each page I read has transformed me a little into the man I am today, a modest, good-hearted man, a critical eye thrown over the world. Books are part of my life.

And because we are talking about books and what we can learn from them, I will betray a secret that is well preserved by those who like to read everything that is in their hands: the true leaders of a family, of a community, of a country, or even the world, are not the ones who knock on their chests and put crowns on their heads, but they are intelligent people who are in the shadows and lead undecided, unobserved, perhaps not appreciated. And this is learned from the books, from the mistakes of others and from the way others are behaving.

The quote that started this blog article made me think of myself in a new way and now makes me ask you a few key questions:
-Do you like to read?
-Guest to read everything in your hand, choose cards according to the recommendations of others, or just read a certain kind of book because it’s easier for you /
-Have you ever wanted to be leaders? Have you fought for this to become a reality?
– But above all, when you imagine yourself leading a family, a community, a group, or even the world, who you see: the shadow man, the unseen counselor, or the leader with a crown (visible or not) on his head, the one everyone believes a leader, although sometimes he may not be, maybe he has a counselor behind his actions?
-Create that the quote above reflects the reality? That it will be valid as long as the world lives?
-How did the books help you become what you are?

Can you explain to me, in your words, what you mean by this expression: Today a reader, tomorrow a leader?

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