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Scotland, Sardinia, Spain. We all dream of holidays. More than anything else, in this stressful period of lockdown I am tormented by the desire to walk and to visit new places. For me, to see tourist attractions and to feel free right now would be perfect. But I’m sure we all feel the same. All the people I’ve been talking to lately have told me the same thing. They dream of holidays too. Wherever I go, I hear the same wishes expressed by people of all ages and all walks of life. We miss the holidays. I am lucky to have my family with me. There are also my two dogs that I can take for a walk. As you can see, I am a busy person.

You can read about all the activities that I do regularly. However, sometimes I feel like a bird in a cage. I would spread my wings to fly over the earth. I want to admire everything that the human hand has built and to get drunk on the beauties of nature. For the moment, because we are in lockdown, let’s go to a

                                 Virtual tours with holiday destinations

There are a lot of activities that children can do at home with their parents. I also wrote about activities that the elderly can do at home on my blog. But humans are social animals. We need to see other people, to talk, to learn from each other and to confront our ideas. Humans, above all, to feel free, to be able to travel where we want. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, these things are impossible to achieve in 2020. From the little I have gathered in recent years I want to share with you today some photos and explanations. It is a kind of short virtual tours with holiday destinations, so stay tuned.

                      Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. My photos fail to capture the atmosphere and the beauty or the cleanliness that you can see wherever you go in Scotland. Today we are going to relax in Edinburgh, in a place called Portobello, so… Are you ready? It is a long beach, with fine sand, hit by the foamy waves of the North Sea.

virtual holiday destination scotland

virtual holiday destination scotland seaside

virtual holiday destination scotland sea waves

                    The Bass Rock island

The Bass Rock Lighthouse was constructed on the rock in 1902, and the remains of an ancient chapel survive. This island is also home to a large colony of gannets. It is a fascinating place, where the silence is broken into pieces by the screams of tens. I’m not sure, because the sky was black of birds. Maybe hundreds of thousands or even millions of gannets that rise in flight above you as you approach the island. For a moment you feel like in horror movies. Then you start taking pictures, one after the other, because you see something like this once in a lifetime.

destination scotland lighthouse

scotland gannets

This is my Scotland, with its generous nature, laden with green and yellow and guarded by rocks. You have to visit it!

virtual holiday destination visit scotland

Now we can go to warmer areas, where the sea water has incredible colors: Sardinia. You can also find out more details about Sardinia as a holiday destination by clicking on the link, but not before finish the tour.

virtual holiday destination sardinia sea colors

virtual holiday destination sardinia is beautiful

virtual holiday destination sardinia is amazing

My plan is to write a very detailed article about Spain and the places you can visit. Do you want to read about everything it means to be a tourist in the most beautiful country in the world (my opinion, of course)? I fell in love with Spain from the moment I got off the plane. Probably one day I can say that it has become my home because I love it. Yes, I dream that in this life I will be able to move where it is warm. Do you know where the flowers grow purple in the trees and people are always happy? Spain is where at every step you can meet a remarkable tourist attraction. In Spain the food tastes best and where cities are built on rocks, so this is:

                    My amazing Spain.

virtual holiday destination spain

virtual holiday destination spain ronda town on rocks

virtual holiday destination spain fuengirola seaview

spain traditional food paella

spain purple flowers tree

.I hope you enjoyed my Virtual Holiday Destinations.

I would like you to tell me what is the most beautiful holiday destination for you and also what do you like to do when visiting new places? Do you go to know the culture of other peoples, to visit places full of history, to taste traditional food, to go to the beach, to have fun in pubs or simply to relax? Where was the last time you were on holiday? Which country do you want to visit as soon as possible after the coronavirus pandemic ends?

Holiday means something different for each of us and for all the same wonderful things: relaxation, knowledge, joy, emotion and love.

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Dreaming of holidays:

holiday destinations suitcase

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  1. Beautiful photos! 🙂 You are lucky to have visited so many lovely places. I NEED to visit Scotland. I live so close, so there really is no excuse. Great blog! X

  2. Love the footie and you have mentioned some of my favourite places! I love the food of Spain and love love love the scenery and space of Scotland. In fact I would Very much like to live there!

  3. I would love nothing more than to be sitting on a beautiful sunny beach, watching the world go by and enjoying a delicious cocktail. Hopefully one day soon when it is safe to do so!

  4. I have to confess I also love Spain. It’s one of my favourite holiday destinations. I can’t wait to go back!

  5. I am missing travelling so much right now! I have always wanted to visit Scotland so will definitely be doing this virtual holiday!

  6. We visited Scotland for Christmas 2018 and we LOVED it there. I want to go back and see more places there. Sardina was also on our list to visit

  7. Amazing! I know nothing about traveling all over the country, what a wonderful looking place to explore.

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