The Earth is heading in the wrong direction

The Earth, although rotating on an axis, seems to be heading in the wrong direction. Everyone should be afraid of the times to come. What kind of world will we leave to our children? What do you do to turn the world into a better place?

In winter I’m afraid of the cold outside the house. Cold temperatures in Scotland turn cars, trees and grass into white, motionless statues. Statues are frozen in the stillness of the night. I am especially afraid of people who become colder, more aggressive, more impassive with each new day.

Earth is a good place to live?

We live our lives in more or less crowded houses. There are areas on earth where people have no homes. We drive cheaper or more expensive cars. There are people on earth who have no legs. We eat better or worse. In Africa, children die of thirst and hunger. And all this time we go through life impassively to the dramas of others.

Do we ever think, when we take a shower or when we go into the pool, that children live on Earth do not have a cup of fresh water to drink? Do we think about the bitterness of children who have nothing to eat? But to those who die because medical treatments are too expensive and they can’t afford to pay?

There are people on Earth who suffer terribly

Happy Women’s Day. How many women around the world cry today because they have hungry children? And how much do they suffer because their husbands hit them? How many women work hard today to survive? I’m lucky I’m on holiday today. But I worked all my life to raise my son. To eat what I eat, to pay my bills, to survive. Sometimes I feel like I can’t do it anymore because it gives me strength, but every time I get up and tell myself I have to do something else.

Do you know what was the first thing I thought of when I moved to Scotland? I will be 3,000 miles closer to seeing the Northern Lights. I haven’t had a chance to see them yet, but I hope it will one day. Other people live a life in the northern part of the earth and do not see the northern lights. I hope I’m not so unlucky. Can I say that this is a suffering?

What do you do to turn the world into a better place?

What do you do to turn the world into a better place?

I read an article earlier on a blog about the huge differences between the Romanian people and the civilized peoples of Western Europe. While the Germans rescued a rat and the British rescued Guinea pigs from a fire, in my country a mayor and his staff shot and then hung four birds from a wire. How can I be happy when shame makes me want to disappear, to hide in a snake hole?

Yes, I am Romanian because I was born in Romania. But I’m ashamed when such things happen. I try to do my best. I write on my blogs in the hope that at least some will understand the message and self-educate and educate their children, teach them to love any form of life and to take care of the earth that nourishes and supports us. You can also read about the impacts of schooling here.

What are you doing to turn the world into a better place, a place where our children grow up healthy, beautiful, goodhearted people? You can read about me and what I do for this Earth on my other blogs, unfortunately written in Romanian. You can also read on this blog. I wrote and I will write on this topic.

Now I’ll tell you about me

I learned not to break flowers and plant trees.

Repair damaged clothing instead of buying new

I try not to use plastic anymore.

Whenever I hear of hungry children and sick people I try to donate from the little I have.

I write various tips on my blogs for people to learn about a more eco-friendly life.

We have one planet and one life. We need to protect them. To protect humans, animals and plants.

I try to recycle.

We all have to give up plastic.

I wish I could give up flying, but I don’t have other suitable alternatives at the moment.

Tell me about you. What do you do to turn the world into a better place?


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