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Without love we are just living dead

I learned how to care for souls only when my soul was hurt. The pain I felt in those moments showed me the way to follow. No soul must be injured, no soul must die of too much pain. I have learned that the wounds heal if they are covered with kindness, with love, with care for other souls. For a while I dedicated myself to this purpose, eager to love all the wounds of the world, all the wounds that the earth had ever suffered.

I put my hands to the right and to the left, I shared love and justice for those who needed it, I spoke to the world about the power of love, and sometimes I gave words to those who read. I’ve been looking for words to mourn, but also words that bring pain, words that awaken in people the desire for better and fear that doing harm will get bad. Some have understood my message and seem to have become better, more merciful, more receptive to the pain of others. Others have passed away by life, forgetting that the day will come when the pain will guide them.

For all this I paid a price. A little big, some people say. I could not forget the pain that transformed me for a moment, because if I were watching them, I could not be good, I could not help, I could not teach anyone what pain means and how she could be relieved. My pain has been and is my road partner, a lifetime guide and a counselor when I need it. But all the pain was the one that showed me the place where all dreams can come true.

It is nice to dream, for in those moments of forgetfulness of pain you forget that there is so much suffering on earth that not all love can hide it. The wisdom of age has taught me that if I do not struggle with all my powers to fulfill my dreams, awakening is always painful and sad. But all the intent tells me that, in order to fight, I have to wake up, cast off the warmth of the bed and gather my courage to remove the pain and to call love for help.

Love. How would life be without love? And why do some people think there are only a few kinds of love: love of money, fame, power, love for partner and children, love for the family and the few friends? How do some people forget that we have to love everything that surrounds us? We have to love ourselves first, to love others. We must love the land that keeps us alive and nourishes us, we must love everything that has life and everything that is beautiful. We must love the notion of love, for without it we are just living dead.

Here is a tree that looks alive, but in fact it is dead.

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