Writing task Covid 19- homework

Write an informal email to your friend who lives in a country where Covid 19 has not arrived yet and tell them how your life in Scotland has changed as a result of this virus. Give your friend some advice and tell him/her how to prepare themselves for the arrival of the virus in their own city/country after one week.

Hi Sara!

As you probably already know, due of the pandemic coronavirus our lives had change here in Scotland. Now we can leave our houses only for food or work. We also can go to the chemist’s. We have to stay 2 meters away from others. We can’t meet others, not even friends or family and we can walk our dogs or make some exercise outside once a day. I’m going to give you some advice to make sure you will know what to do after the arrival of the covid-19:

-wash your hands with hot water and soap for at least 20 seconds as often as you can or use hand sanitiser gel if not

-do not touch your face

-use a tissue when you cough and put it into the bin immediately

-stay 2 meters apart from the other people

-don’t forget to buy lots of toilet paper  😀


Stay safe,

Round Word


English class (ESOL level 3)

I will put in each ESOL article a picture taken here, because Scotland is a wonderful country, which you deserve to see at least through my eyes – rainbow: